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Innovation. Design. Education. Art

IDEA was created by Sam in 2018 when he conceived a public art trail at the Yates Community Center in his hometown, Penn Yan, NY.  Frequented by local residents and high school cross country runners, the IDEA Trail serves as an educational hike highlighting local flora and fauna.  Each sculpture is built by students during an educational workshop and contains a plaque with biological facts and the participating students names.


Since meeting Lindsey, their vision and experiences have combined and flourished into a collective expression beyond their individual capacities - into IDEA Collective.

IDEA Collective has evolved into a portable, metalworking classroom that encourages interconnectivity between all ages by creating collaborative art projects inspired by school pride, community, nature, and beyond. Through hosting art workshops, IDEA promotes traditional and contemporary metalworking techniques, hands-on learning, teamwork, and sustainability.

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