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Sam Castner graduated with a B.A.F.A. from Alfred University in 1997, with a concentration in metal fabrication and foundry work.  His 25-year-old metal studio sits on a farm overlooking Keuka Lake, NY which for 9 generations has been intimately intertwined and integral to the Finger Lakes Community.


Sam is the Founder of Ironvine Studios and the Co-Founder of Sam + Lin Designs.  Singularly and through collaboration with Lindsey Dean, his metal fabricating companies design and build sculptural landmarks, signage, homeware, and jewelry.  Further, they offer branding services that provide custom sculptural solutions for promoting business identities. He has worked with world renowned artists including Albert Paley and Wendell Castle.


Beyond his business endeavors, Sam is the Co-owner of IDEA Collective, a portable art classroom that connects youth with their surrounding communities to build collaborative public art sculptures that celebrate sustainability, teamwork, hands-on learning, and introduces trade skills.

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